How much do you know about Russia, the country hosting the 2018 World Cup?
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How much bigger is Russia than the United States of America?
How many time zones does Russia have?
What is the population of Russia?
Which of these cities used to be the capital of Russia?
What was Saint Petersburg renamed as in 1914?
Which is the second language in Russia by the number of speakers?
What does 'Siberia' mean in Tatar?
Who was the first President of Russia after the disintegration of the Soviet Union?
What is the name of the most prestigious museum in Saint Petersburg?
What is the most popular drink in Russia?
If you want to visit Russia, you should learn a bit more about the country.
You know a lot about Russia but there are still a few little details you should learn.
You know a lot about Russia, either because you've been there or because you like it. Well done!