What will you be doing in 5 years?
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Do you have clear goals for the next years to come?
Would you like to have kids?
Are you happy with your job?
When you go to your home
You dream about...
When you where a child you dreamed about
Your friends say about you that
Do you like your city?
In your ideal job
What is the most important thing in your life?
You are a sociable and outgoing person, who probably lives in a big cosmopolitan city like Istanbul or Ankara. Your ideal job has to do with your ambition. Famous businessman or bank robber fits with your profile. Your near future is promising, you are a person of great concern who does not settle easily. You always want more and you're willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want. You have a certain success with women and you will get married eventually, although you still do not know it ... Don´t forget everything you have learned and advanced so far and do not forget where you come from, as this may hurt those you love most. Until then continue as before and do not lose sight of your goals. That is the key.
You are a kind, affective and affable person. You probably live in a quiet city like Fethiye or Bozcaada. Your ideal job has to do with teaching and family life, because you love helping others and sharing all your vast knowledge. It is clear that you are a person who likes to keep in touch with yours continuously, and you always have something interesting to do alone or in company. Value everything you know and have learned during these years, take care of your family and your closest friends and never take away from your face the smile that characterizes you. You will meet your soul mate when you least expect it, and in 5 years you will be closer to you than you think. With it you will learn what true love is and you will discover wonderful things.