Who is your perfect soulmate?
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In a relationship, you like to...
Choose one word to describe you
What is the most important quality in the people you surround yourself with?
How do you feel about mornings?
Which would you rather read?
Where does your strongest childhood memory take place?
What do you do when the phone rings?
How do you show love?
What do you find the most attractive?
What would your parents first notice about your soulmate?
The Leader: Your soulmate will be a natural-born leader, with ideas, things they want to do, and the ability to put them into practice. Thus, you will know you have found your soulmate when their quest in life is something you can get behind and support. They will need you, and if you can be there for them, you will find you really can change the world.
The Jock: You attract the jock! You are the sexy but sporty person of the school. You are a beautiful person and always very presentable. You are mainly one of those people who like to have fun. You don't really care about grades because your a risk taker and want to live life to the fullest, on the edge, and accordingly by your own rules. The jock finds this attractive becuase not only are you always able to make him laugh and whenever you are together you always say the right things at the right time, but becuase you are a insouciant exploding ball of excitement. No one can ever get board or sad when your around. However, because of your free spirit you need to be aware that nothing is free, all actions have consiquences, so you need to be aware of the price you might have to pay for your mistakes!
The Skater: You attract the skater! You are the person who is a an adrenilaholic. You love sports, working out, being in front of audiences, anything you can do to express yourself and get a rush of excitement. The skater guy finds this actractive because he lives life on the edge. You are also a person who makes many mistakes but learns from them. You perservere and whenever you do something wrong you get back up again. A skater guy admires this quiality in you. This is what makes you perfect for the skater!
The Nerd: You attract the nerd! You are a very sensitive person and never exclude anyone. With your perception, the nerds who may be seen as an outcast feel accepted and secure around you. You are very inclusive but you are also very studious. You are very dedicated and diligent and very hard working and the nerds find intellagance as a turn on. You will go far in life with your kind heartedness and your nerd who will admire you for who you are.
The Average: You attract the average! An average person is someone who has there occasional insecurities and sometimes feels like an outcast. They are not too perfect and popular, or too studious and nerdy just right in the middle. They have friends but not too many. They care about school but not too much. You attract an average because you can make any ordinary person feel special! You are very sincere and will do anything to make your partner feel like she is worth the world to you. You are a very fun person. Because of this quality the persons know that you are the guy who will love them unconditionally and always give the people a good time!
The Extrovert: Your soulmate will be outgoing and people-oriented. This will be good for you, especially if you are not particularly a people person yourself. Your soulmate will be skilled in the art of people--drawing them out, making them feel comfortable, getting to know them, and making them better people. And your soulmate will do the same for you, as you will find.