When Will You Have a Baby?
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What is your age?
Are you Sexually Active right now?
What names do you like?
Are you good with kids?
When a baby cries you.....
Do you own your own home?
Do you like being alone?
Do you like to stay active?
30 YEARS OLD:Showering your child with love and attention is one of the best qualities of a great mother. More so than adults, children desire affection. In fact, sometimes children who misbehave do so in order to get attention. It is important that starting from a very young age, you build a strong loving relationship with your child that will last a lifetime.
29 YEARS OLD: If you exercise and eat sensibly, and continue to do so throughout your pregnancy, you should have an easier delivery and be able to get your body back in shape more quickly than a less fit woman might.
28 YEARS OLD: You feel lucky, because you will be able to enjoy the freedom of being single for a while before settling down. At the same time, you know that you want to have more than one child, so you will be glad you didn't postpone pregnancy for too long.
25 YEARS OLD: It's a perfect age to have a child. You're still young to enjoy your child in the best possible way. Congratulations Mom.