What do your couple crises reveal?
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Romantic walk through the city. You stop in front of a shop window and, at the end, you enter the store.
You have booked a table in a restaurant because it is your anniversary ...
Why did you argue last time?
You've gone away for the weekend without your partner. It's after ten o'clock at night and he / she does not answer his cell phone
Are you competitive with your partner?
Big argue because of your mother, a classic!
It is difficult for you to agree, especially at the time of ...
Not alocating enough time for yourselves makes you argue more
Do you know if your partner uses an app to flirt with others?
Your couple crises reveal that your situation as a couple is worrying. Your discussions are frequent and strong and from time to time you are disrespectful to each other. You have to take it easy, talk about the subject and try to solve it or finally end it.
Your couple crises are normal. Your crísis reveal that you love each other a lot but that you have the normal discussions that the great majority of couples have. You have to encourage dialogue between yourselves and try to spend more time together.