Can you trust your partner?
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Until now you've never been jealous of any of your relationships
Are you afraid of your partner discovering that you don´t trust her or he?
Do you check your partner's cell phones and drawers looking for evidences?
Does your partner leave their personal stuff anywhere?
Does your partner keep you on the margins of its work and friends?
You've never caught your partner lying to you
Your partner has been confused by another name when calling you
It is frequent that during the summer you separate a few weeks
When you are not together you talk on the phone
Sometimes you are baffled by evasions or rare excuses
You do not seem to trust your partner much. It would be best if you talked about the subject and tried to save your relationship or end it. There is nothing wrong, after all everything has a beginning and an end.
You trust your partner fully. That is a very good sign, you should celebrate more often how much you love each other and the great trust you place in each other. Congratulations!